Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Observations from Amsterdam

Number 1: They don't really seem particularly tall.

Number 2: The collective media in Europe is likely to wet itself with glee over Demfest 2k4. No semblance of balance is anywhere to be found in CNN International's coverage of the event, for example. They're pretty much showing choppy segments of speeches that won applause, and putting select people on camera who will rave about the Johns and bitch about Bush. Why do they still pretend it's "news" and not "opinion" or "propaganda?" When did the standard definitions cease to apply to mass media? It's obvious they're just trying to get everyone in Europe to vote a certain way (I won't say which way).

Number 3: The biggest waste of time today was the 3-minute piece on CNN/I about how John Kerry isn't Irish at all, but had a Jewish grandfather (or someone) who selected the name of an Irish county at random as the new surname for some reason. They interviewed some bartender at an Irish pub who explained how there's no connection between John Kerry and the county, but it makes him a bit more popular there anyway. As if we didn't know who was going to carry County Kerry in the first place. I'm on standby for an in-depth look at the members of Bushwood, and whom they're backing...

posted by Max Power | 11:10 AM
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