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Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sorry Guys, You're Not Her Type

What the f***:

BOISE, Idaho - A 16-year-old Idaho girl was tied up and scalped by an older woman in an attack motivated by revenge, police said.
Authorities are searching for Marianne Dahle, 26, who was visiting Kirkham Hot Springs in central Idaho Jan. 18 with the girl and a friend when Dahle allegedly tied the girl up and cut away the entire crown and back portion of her scalp.
A felony arrest warrant accuses Dahle of aggravated battery, though she has not been formally charged.
"When I say this gal was scalped, she was truly scalped," said Boise County Chief Deputy Bill Braddock. "The top of her head, her hair, was completely cut off. The motive, as near as we've been told by witnesses, was retaliation for acting in a way that the adult perceived as being offensive to women as a gender."
Braddock said the victim, the suspect and the female teen witness were "long-term" acquaintances. No drugs or alcohol were involved in the attack, he said.
"It was an act of revenge. I view this as a case where an adult female is using predatory control — both psychological and sexual — toward juvenile victims. There are definitely sexual overtones to this crime," Braddock said.

...and this was in Idaho. Idaho!

Apparently, parents can no longer let their kids go anywhere, do anything, or interact with anyone. Ever.

Remarkably, the girl survived, though they were unable to reattach the scalp (which they eventually found). The article goes on to warn people that the suspect "is believed to be armed with a knife." Good tip.

On a related note, the Official Idaho Travel and Tourism Guide reminds you that

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