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Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


MRC reports that The Today Show can't decide if it's for or against recess appointments. Must have something to do with who is president:

Katie Couric: "President Bush is poised to use his recess appointment power and send John Bolton to the UN without a Senate confirmation vote. How can he do that?!"
Chris Matthews: "....It will be a recess appointment only good for one Congress. He really won't have the full authority of someone like [former UN Ambassador] Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who spoke for the whole country, not just for the President."
-- Exchange on the August 1 Today.


"You seem like a pretty good candidate to be Assistant Attorney General for civil rights, but you've run into a wall in Congress....There's a solution here, albeit a temporary solution. The President could make you what's called a recess nominee. Which he can give you the job for a year, almost a trial run. And that way Republicans can say, 'Hey, he's pretty good at this,' and then vote on you a year from now."
-- Matt Lauer interviewing Clinton nominee Bill Lann Lee on the December 12, 1997 Today.

UPDATE: At Power Line, they point out that the schizophrenia extends to Ted Kennedy:

Kennedy, 1997: "I have long urged recess appointments to break this logjam -- this irresponsible, unconstitutional Republican leadership position which fails to give people their due and fails to meet the constitutional standard.”

Kennedy, 2005: ". . .a devious maneuver that evades the constitutional requirement of Senate consent."

Alcohol sure kills a lot of brain cells.

Another Update: Oops, I got my Kennedy quotes mixed with their dates. It has been corrected.

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