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Magog: Unguarded
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Friday, February 03, 2006

Supply Chain

By now, everyone even vaguely awake knows about the uproar in certain parts of the world over these cartoons of Mohammad.

In addition to a general boycott on Danish products (not sure I know what these would really be, though), there are mass protests and lots and lots of flag burning and chanting.

My question is this: how do people in the Middle East always seem to be able to find these flags to use in their protests? I wouldn't know the first place to look to go buy a Danish flag here on short notice. Yet they seem to be sold on every corner down there. Do local shopkeepers stock large numbers of flags from around the world in case someone does something disagreeable?

Yes, I'm side-stepping the First Amendment vs. journalistic ethics question for now, and focusing solely on the matter of logistics.

UPDATE: This guy has a list of Danish products that one can either buy or boycott, depending on which side of the fence you call home.

* White Fita cheese loose
* Butter kind Lurpak
* Milk NIDO
* Danfoss

Incidentally, (sic) on all of the above.

The only thing on here I recognize is Lego. I didn't realize that Lego exports were enough to make or break an economy.

Still no word on how protest-flag-supply works.

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