Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Huge turnout for an "better late than never" anti-war rally in Russia. I have to doubt their sincerity though, mostly because of this:
All neighborhood kiosks, the lifeblood of Russian shopping, were closed for much of the day, apparently by order, and police closed nearly two miles of one of Moscow's main thoroughfares to let protesters converge on the embassy. Russian radio stations reported that employers were ordering workers to attend and that classes at some schools were canceled for the day. Vladimir Varfolomeyev, an announcer at the Echo of Moscow station, compared the protest rally to the sham public demonstrations of the Communist Party in the Soviet era, saying, "I have only one word for the organizers: shame."

Perhaps communism is dead in Russia, but certainly blind self-interest is not. How archaic is your ideology when you are protesting a war that has been greeted with so much enthusiasm from the very people who you purport to be concerned about? What could have so stirred the russkies? What are they hiding? We'll have to wait and see.

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