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Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If You're Here...

You should know that we're now over here.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What to Guard?

Depending on events in the next 2 weeks, we could be the Guards of Obamagog, or of McGog.

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Current When It Counts

I just wanted to point out that of all of The Wolf's blogs, this one is the least-recently-not-posted-to.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

On your mark, get set...TWEET!

Another politician reaching a new level of idiocy:

"Mayor Mark Mallory refuses to fire a starter pistol to kick off an upcoming road race, saying he doesn't like the gun's symbolism in a city that set a record for homicides last year."

They must miss Jerry Springer in Cincy.

For one, a starter pistol isn't even a real gun, not in the sense that Mayor Dingbat thinks, anyway. It can't even fire real bullets. Apparently the only symbolism would involve something like a firecracker.

I assume Mr. Mayor doesn't plan on disarming his police force any time soon. Perhaps such a maneuver would be a little too "symbolic."

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Nice Stretch

Magog's favorite sports columnist, Jay The Joke, on last night's Flubs game:

There was Soriano, steaming around second base and streaking hotter than the evening itself, trying to reach third as would any leadoff hitter worth a fat fortune. But then you saw his teeth, locked in a pained grimace. Then he started to hop on one leg, like a human pogo stick. Finally, he stumbled to the ground in agony.

Um, I don't know what game Jay was watching, but Soriano didn't "stumble to the ground in agony." He clearly pulled up short of third base favoring his right leg, reached down and clutched his lower thigh above the knee. Crumpling to the ground might add dramatic effect for Jay, but it ain't true.

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MADD About Harry

Here's a post on MADD's efforts to further infiltrate our private lives. Interesting that I read that just shortly after reading a passage in the latest Harry Potter book in which Harry (at age 17) imbibes, upon the birth of a friend's child, on a couple goblets of wine. It's a wonder MADD hasn't stormed Barnes & Noble across the country and called for a good old fashioned book-burnin'. Indeed, throughout the entire Potter series there are multiple references to the kids boozing it up and hanging out in taverns. Good thing the series is over or MADD might be demanding that JK Rowling populate the skies over Hogwarts with broomstick checkpoints.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

John Roberts

Had a little accident. Not sure if they took him to the Gerald Ford Wing of the hospital.

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Follow The Traffic

More Cubans leaving by sea again, many to Mexico

After a lull following Fidel Castro's illness last year, Cubans once again are taking to homemade boats or powerful speedboats manned by smugglers on a trip to the United States that often includes a detour through Mexico.

Ignoring the misleading headline, what's wrong with these people? Haven't they heard about the wonders of the "free" healthcare in Cuba? Maybe Michael Moore should waddle down there to offer up a free screening of his new film.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't have to live like a refugee

In the news:

Influx of Iraqi refugees could strain Michigan economy

Well, they could always go to New Haven, CN. Everything is free!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grim milestone reached

Max Power alerted me that this is the 1000th post on Magog. It only took us about three times as long as it would take a normal blogger (read: someone who posts at least once between October and July).

With this post, I will note that a certain town in Connecticut should be renamed "New Haven For Criminals." Get it? Ho ho! Yes, New Haven has started issuing ID cards to illegal aliens.

Dozens of people lined up at City Hall on Tuesday for municipal identification cards, the first city-issued ID cards specifically designed to bring illegal immigrants out of the shadows and give them access to community services.

Yeah? And does the cost of those community services come out of the taxes not collected from illegals? What is going to happen when the population swells as illegal immigrants flock to New Haven for the freebies?

An estimated 10,000 to 12,000 of New Haven's 125,000 residents are believed to be in the country illegally.

Get ready for more.

Ray Sanchez, a 36-year-old laborer waiting in line at City Hall with more than 100 others, said the card would also let him get a library card, use banks and learn English. It also would make him feel more safe, he said.

You need an ID card to learn English?

There are methods by which immigrants enter the country legally and become citizens. Amnesty programs that bypass those methods create a huge security issue and are a slap in the face to those that have paid their dues and jumped through hoops to satisfy the law.

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Not so staunch

Following the dust-up last week between the Sun-Times' Jennifer Hunter and various blogs, Hunter has now printed a letter from the subject of her original subject, Jim Ronca.

It appears Mr. Ronca is incensed that anyone would question is conservative cred, which is odd since he has loaned his financial support primarily to Democrats for many years. Reading Ronca's letter, it seems that his defense (as it were) rests on the fact that he had a second cousin some thirty-odd years ago who held office as a Republican in Pennsylvania and he claims supports of some other local Republican politicians.

Of course, it's Ronca's business which candidates he financially supports or votes for. No one ever questioned his right in that regard. What Patterico, Power Line, et al questioned is Hunter's characterization of Ronca as a "staunch" Republican in the face of evidence that he is anything but, and her failure as a journalist to question his claim to be so. Further, in the face of that evidence, Hunter failed to question Ronca or correct her original story. Instead, she attacked the people who brought the facts to light.

Comically, Ronca's letter concludes with a vow "to have some investigation done into the source and funding for this blog." Oooooh, scary! I'm uncertain who "this blog" refers to, since the issue was addressed on several blogs (including the two mentioned above). If Ronca is expecting to find Dark Forces at work he's going to be sadly disappointed. The real names of the authors of Patterico and Power Line are readily available and Mr. Ronca will find that neither is funded by shadowy Republican figures.

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