Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Just to get off the war focus for a moment....

The Chicago Reader has had a review of a movie called SOS Planet for several weeks now. It plays at Navy Pier, in full 3-D regalia for the delight of many tourists, I am sure. The review, from one JR Jones, is rather tepid, save for this concluding line:

"I was more gratified when the film reprimanded President Bush for shrugging of the Kyoto Protocols."

Now that's a hell of a review for a film, especially in light of the fact that: 1) the Kyoto Protocols is a treaty, which the president has no power to endorse or deny, 2) the Kyoto Protocols were effectively shut down via a 100-0 Senate vote in 1998, a full 2 years before Bush took office and under the administration of President Bill Clinton, who also wisely did not support it.

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