Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
Swarming Around... cats living with dogs... total chaos.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Still watching live coverage on MSNBC. Brokaw et al are in sort of a holding pattern, trying to fill time, as this particular statue seems especially well built, and currently refuses to succumb to beatings with sandals. They do have a noose around its neck, though. Maybe they'll be able to pull it down.

UPDATE: A member of the 3rd Infantry Division has just covered "Saddam's" head with an American flag. Despite Brokaw's warnings, no Iraqis seem too upset about it.

UPDATE AGAIN: The flag has been removed. Strange that an army supposedly sent to conquer, occupy, and colonize would be so concerned with the impression they're making. In any case, it's been replaced with an Iraqi flag.

posted by Max Power | 9:37 AM
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