Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Henry Waxman, fresh off his accusations of W's malfeasance for flying a plane onto an aircraft carrier, is making noise about Halliburton's contract to put out oil fires in Iraq. Seems one of Halliburton's susidiaries, KBR, had a great deal of work to do, which Waxman claims was not announced:
"I do not mean to suggest that the Corps has intentionally misled anyone about the contract," Waxman wrote Tuesday to Corps commander Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers. "I am, however, concerned that the administration's reluctance to provide complete information about this and other Iraqi contracts has denied Congress and the public important information."

Waxman does not say in what way the Bush administration showed "reluctance to provide complete information." In fact, Halliburton's spokesman pointed out that Waxman is factually incorrect:

The release said: "KBR's initial task involves hazard and operational assessment, extinguishing oil well fires, capping oil well blowouts, as well as responding to any oil spills. Following this task, KBR will perform emergency repair, as directed, to provide for the continuity of operations of the Iraqi oil infrastructure."

That was announced in March. What exactly is not clear to Waxman? Does he need glasses? A hearing aid? No, it is simply another example of the carpet bombing of vague assertions by Democrats that there is some impropriety on the part of the Bush administration to feed pork to the gluttonous capitalist corporations. This is yet another story that has no legs, but I guarantee that Dems will continue poking and prodding with this kind of garbage all the way up until the election.

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