Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Well, now this is going to get some people worked up:

NEW YORK - Handing a defeat to the NAACP, a federal jury Wednesday cleared 45 gun manufacturers and distributors of allegations their marketing practices have stoked violence in black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

It doesn't say where these neighborhoods are, exactly. It does elaborate on the alleged "marketing practices," though (I was curious, having traveled to 45 of the 50 states without seeing a single billboard or television commercial for firearms).

The lawsuit alleged the firearms industry knew corrupt dealers were supplying their products to criminals in minority communities and did nothing to stop it.

Talk about a slippery slope! The next step is to sue automobile manufacturers, since they must know that their product is used in all manner of criminal activity. This could be followed by legal action against textile firms and clothiers of all sorts, since few crimes are reported committed in the nude. Then on to those who produce food, since criminals obviously eat, which only fuels their felonious activity.

There's still room for worry, though:

In an unusual but not unprecedented ruling, U.S. District Judge Jack Weinstein decided ahead of time that the jury would play only an advisory role, and that he would make the final decision in the case. Both sides will submit written arguments interpreting the jury's verdict within 30 days.


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