Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Why doesn't this headline shock me?

Hamas Rejects Call to End Armed Attacks on Israelis

Perhaps it's because I imagine the Hamas mission statement to read something like:

Our mission is to stage armed attacks on Israelis.

This is a group whose whole purpose is violence. They're not going to heed Abbas's call for peace, because it would eliminate their purpose (and, by the way, their funding).

A spokesman for Hamas, Abdel Aziz-Rantisi, says that the organization will never lay down its arms until it liberates the whole of Palestine.
Mr. Rantisi's statement is in line with the charter of Hamas, which calls for the destruction of Israel, in favor of a republic governed by Islamic law.

A charter calling for destruction of any kind does not coexist well with any kind of Roadmap for Peace. So the question really is whether Abbas will do what is necessary to ensure a Palestinian state, and separate his government and people from groups like Hamas. Not just with verbal denials, either, but through actions that would likely make his administration an equal target of such terror groups. Stop their funding; make arrests; hold people accountable; root them out from everywhere.

You know, do the things that Arafat implied he would do.

posted by Max Power | 2:01 PM
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