Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Media Research Center is finding more examples of media blaming tax cuts for states' fiscal problems than soaring spending. To wit:
Whitaker proceeded to portray spending cuts as more onerous than tax hikes as he reported that "45 states have raised taxes or made draconian cuts." Apparently, tax hikes are never "draconian."

Got that? Letting taxpayers keep more of their own money is "draconian." For clarification, I looked up draconian in the dictionary, because I thought that perhaps the new issue of the Merriam-Webster had reversed its meaning. No, there it is: cruel or severe, based on the severe code of laws given by Athenian lawgiver, Draco.

Those cruel bastard Republicans! Don't they know that only the state should decide how people should be spending their money?!?

Of course, no one mentioned in the same report that California spending has gone out of control over the last decade:

But as the Cato Institute's Chris Edwards, Stephen Moore and Phil Kerpen documented earlier this year in their report, "States Face Fiscal Crunch after 1990s Spending Surge," California's "budget gap was caused by a remarkable run-up in state spending in the late 1990s under Gov. Gray Davis. Spending doubled between FY94 and FY01 from $39 billion to $78 billion. California's general fund expenditures jumped 15 percent in FY2000 and then another 17 percent in FY01. Thus, in just two years spending increased by one-third."

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