Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Thursday, October 23, 2003

FNC showed the new Howard Dean ad this morning (yes, I remember who HE is). Dean essentially vows to immediately pull our troops out of Iraq (red flag) if elected, claiming that "the war is costing us more every day." Well, duh, of course it costs more every day--it also costs EVERYTHING more every day that you do it. That isn't a very compelling argument in and of itself. I had to do a little research on Dean--I don't recall him being that hard-line against the war. Oh, I know he's been against it from the beginning, but I also recall the usual "support the troops" blather that comes out of the other side of a politician's mouth when he is making a grandiose stand against the incumbent. So I ran across this:
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, a strong critic of the war in Iraq, has repeatedly attacked Senator Kerry for voting for the war resolution last fall, but then voicing strong criticisms about the coalition military action and the postwar efforts. Dean, however, has said he supports sending more money to Iraq, saying that once U.S. troops are committed, the country must support them.

Hmmm. . .support the troops. . .must commit.. .. bring them home. . .what exactly is his stance?

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