Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Fresh from vacation (you know, it is a dry heat), and as always, somewhat bemused, bordering on annoyed, by people's behavior on airplanes and in the airport. Some random thoughts and travel tips:
  • Yes, the metal detectors will actually detect metal. Even keys.
  • There really is a limit to what will fit in the overhead bin. It's not just something they say. Check the damn bag.
  • Although it's urgent for you the second you find your seat, I'm guessing that the flight attendant has other resposibilities at the moment than finding you a pillow or extra blanket. The call button will still work in flight.
  • If you're so large that you can't walk down the aisle to the bathroom without pummelling everyone on both sides along the way, perhaps some sort of fitness regime is in order.
  • Is anyone really sitting around waiting to hear from you the second the tires hit the tarmac? Or could that phone call maybe wait a few minutes?
  • "Please remain in your seats" must sound exactly like "please get up, frantically retrieve your belongings, and shove your way to the front of the aircraft" to everyone but me. The door is locked. Where are people going?
  • I'm convinced that some people are unfamiliar with the mechanics and purpose of a conveyor belt. Maybe they should explain that it will bring your bags to you.
  • Also, the baggage claim conveyor is not, as some think, a one-shot deal. If you happen to miss your bags on the first try, they will magically come around again... sometimes even several times.
  • It turns out that the busiest thoroughfares in the airport, (intersecting hallways, the destination of an escalator, and the entry to a revolving door, for example), are really not the best places to suddenly stop and look for people, count your pocket change, or reassess your life.

posted by Max Power | 2:07 PM
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