Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Friday, November 21, 2003

I saw the clip of the sneering "peace" protestors pulling down the Bush statue and have pronounced it lame. While the US topples evil tyrants and the tributes they erect to themselves, this morally bankrupt crowd is resigned to creating their own statues and the myths that surround them so that they can tear them down themselves. And I don't reckon they will ever see the irony in that. Meanwhile, The Messopotamian, blogging from Iraq, tells us:
Today, the terrorists in Istanbul answered the “peace” demonstrators in London. Those who have eyes can see, and those who have ears can hear, but there are those whom “God has sealed their hearts for them with a mask, so that they are deaf, dumb and blind and thus can hardly comprehend anything” (Verses to this effect recur frequently in the Holy Quran ) . These London demonstrations, I know too well, Oh! Youth, and the Pint of Bitter later in the nearest Pub. All you peace lovers and humanitarians of trendy London town, spare a thought or two for the coalition soldier out there in the dark and wilderness guarding our hospitals, primary schools and orphanages from the bombers and assassins, and the Iraqi Police reporting everyday for duty under constant danger of death and mutilation with their poor equipment and meager $50 or so a month pay package. They number almost 100 000 by now and if enlistment is really opened up they would quadruple in number immediately. Why do you think they come? Saddamists pay anybody ten thousand dollars per explosion, and they are going around trying to recruit, and this is a fact that all people in Baghdad know. So why do they come, you think? But only those who have eyes can see, and ears can hear. Why do you think the crackle of celebratory gunfire ululated till dawn, on that sultry Baghdad summer night when the death of Uday and Qusay the monster brats of the tyrant was announced? This, the media did not dwell upon, although quite newsworthy and dramatic. That was the real Opinion Poll of the vast majority of the inhabitants of Baghdad.

Of course, the second-guessers know better than the Iraqis who have had to live under Hussein, who celebrate his departure and who live under the specter of the fanaticism that strives for the failure of decency and democracy. Of course, they know better.

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