Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Instapundit links to Volokh's report from the scene of the London protests. I'm surprised...even FNC was reporting "100,000 protest marchers" this morning. Fizzle.

In the meantime, polls in Britain show the majority support Bush and his visit, something you could not discern from the negative headlines from the last few days. Not everyone is impressed:

A sarcastic Aaron Brown on CNN’s Newsnight Tuesday evening, after noting how a Guardian headline read “Majority Backs Bush Visit,” mused: “A cynic might say yes, all the better to protest.” John King ignored the Guardian numbers but made time for how “a Daily Mirror poll found only 27 percent of Britons believe the partnership is good for their country.”

We can always depend on the good old US media to find the negative spin.

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