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Magog: Unguarded
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Mark Brown takes on the Equal Pay Act, another bit of extortion by progressives. Of course, Gov. Blagojevich, being the progressive free-thinker that he is, has earmarked $50,000 to educate (read: threaten) companies to toe the line or else. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Rod was telling us how cash-strapped the state is? How about doing away with these vanity expenses? You know, $50k here and $50k there adds up. (As MRC points out, is there any government entity that DOESN'T claim to be cash-strapped? -ed.). Here's the best part:
So I put the question to state Sen. Carol Ronen (D-Chicago), a chief sponsor of the legislation and an articulate advocate of women's issues. "It's a big problem," Ronen said. "The disparities are still great, and the disparities are especially great for minority women." To my argument that the 71 cents statistic, derived from census data, is not a true measure of equal pay for equal work, Ronen accused me of quibbling. "The bottom line is women are making less than men," she said. "It's something that women really care about." Of that, I have no doubt. I asked her if she believes this is a particular problem in certain industries or types of work. "I think everywhere that sexism exists it's a problem," Ronen said. One of the problems with sexist thinking is that "people don't even realize they're doing it sometimes," she said. Then she added: "I guess I'm trying to say in a nice way, 'You don't really get it.' "

Right. He points out an obvious flaw in her flimsy argument and is accused of "quibbling." The bottom line is women are making less than men. Uh, no it isn't. The issue is equal pay for equal work, not just more money for women. Of course, she finally rests on the time-honored defense of the weak and unimaginative: You don't really get it. In other words, "Shut up, because I have no data to back me up and am unable to formulate a cogent argument when you point out the Mack truck-sized holes in it.

It's also notable that the local TV news were lapping this garbage up over the weekend, treating ol' Rod like he is a hero. Pathetic.

UPDATE: Stoj sends this link from Warren Farrel, the author of The Myth Of Male Power.

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