Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Walking down Randolph street, I suddenly spied two of a breed I hadn't seen in a while: Democratus Nationalitus Commitius. They each wore red DNC shirts and clutched clipboards with "John Kerry" stickers. As I walked past, the younger of the two (male, I think) asked if I was interested in "stopping Bush." I laughed at him and strode on (to Sears...I needed a shirt). On the way back, the elder (female, I'm almost sure) asked if I wanted to "Stop Bush from being reelected." Which makes me think: are these people interested in getting Kerry elected or simply from getting Bush out of office? This is not an original question, I know, because I've read the same sentiment in many other places. It does beg the question, though. What is he for? What part of Kerry's platform isn't simply a counter-position to one of Bush's? Kerry has truly cemented his position as the "None Of The Above" candidate--in fact, his lack of personality and metronome-like voice were significant reasons he outlasted his Democratic foes in the primaries. Howard Dean--too goofy! John Edwards--creepy lawyer type! Dennis Kucinich--the hammer & sickle crowd isn't big enough to boost him. John Kerry--senator. At this point Kerry may as well just change his name to "Stop Bush." That will at least provide the actual reason anyone is voting for him.

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