Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Let's Play A Game!

Where was the following published?

It is well known that Jews constitute the most privileged "minority" group in this country. Among the top 10 universities, Jews enjoy shocking overrepresentation: Only the California Institute of Technology has an undergraduate Jewish population below 10 percent, and four schools have particularly stark Jewish advantages-Harvard (30 percent), Yale (23 percent), UPenn (31 percent) and Columbia (25 percent). Keep in mind that, at best estimate, no more than 3 percent of all Americans are Jewish.

a. Hitler's Diaries (real or fake version)
b. Goebbel's Diaries
c. August '04 Klan Magazine
d. The Duke (University) Chronicle

Ho ho, you knew I wouldn't even ask that question if the answer weren't D. The alarming thing is that I can list all four of those as plausible answers without even a hint of irony. Go read the whole thing for yourself, if you can stomach it.

Here's another gem:

Regardless of your political stance or position on the PSM conference, it is impossible to ignore the unprecedented outpouring of pro-Jewish, pro-Israeli support in defiance of free speech at Duke. Jewish alumni, faculty and staff have gone out of their way to lobby Duke to reject the PSM conference, mustering 92,000 signatures for their online petition and denouncing professors who have spoken out in support of free speech, as Duke’s chair of political science Michael Munger can attest.

Sorry if I can't feel your pain, Phillip. That Jewish members of the faculty and staff (Are they all Jews, Phil? Really?) don't want the university to confer respectability on a terrorist organization doesn't have me crying out to the ACLU for support. I would say 92,000 signatures is a pretty strong form of free speech, wouldn't you?

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