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Magog: Unguarded
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Keith Olbermann, On Tilt

Can someone get a straightjacket on this idiot? Olbermann has spent three consecutive nights frothing at the mouth about supposed voter fraud in Ohio and crying that the “mainstream media” is ignoring this alleged story. Someone should remind the former jock-sniffer that, as a talking head with a regular show on a cable network carried to millions of living rooms across the country, he is very much part of the mainstream media. Just because his normally fact-challenged colleagues have inexplicably chosen the high road on this one Olbermann is convinced the dark forces are conspiring. What makes this so laughable is that Olbermann, despite having all of the resources and information available to him that one would expect from a fairly high-profile (coff) newsman, fails to get the most mundane facts straight. Olbermann got his panties in a bundle because of claims of higher vote totals than people in Cuyahoga County. Only problem is that, not only was that patently false, but Cuyahoga County went heavily for John Kerry. Perhaps Olbermann is accusing Kerry of cheating or simply implying that Republicans are incompetent cheaters; one can scarcely tell what he is prattling on about most of the time anyway.

UPDATE: Olbermann was at it again last night, this time harping on gains Bush made in New Hampshire. Ironically, New Hampshire is the one state that Bush won in 2000 that he didn't win in 2004. In fact, it shouldn't be surprising that Bush would make gains in '04 where he won previously; this phenomenon held true virtually everywhere in the country. If Olbermann wants to highlight voting impropriety on the part of Republicans, he would do well to choose states that Bush actually won (this seems to be an ongoing theme in Olbermann's quixotic fantasy). Otherwise, all we can surmise from Keith's ranting is that the Repub's must not be very good at cheating.

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