Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wasn't That a Clint Eastwood Movie?

Casually reviewing our SiteMeter results (at least the data available since their server crashed a while ago), I noticed that 4% of the time, our reader(s) use the new Firefox browser when they accidentally stumble onto this page.

Curious, I downloaded it and gave it a test-drive myself. Right off the bat, I noticed a cleaner interface, and it's definitely faster than Internet Explorer. As I started to think that this might be a replacement for the often-lethargic IE, though, I tried a couple of our firm's SharePoint sites, which didn't always display custom web parts properly... uh oh.

OK, so forgetting work (and quickly, I might add) I tested out one of the more critical websites in my current browsing repertoire: StatTracker for Yahoo! Fantasy Football. I load that sucker every Sunday to add even more drama to the weekly gridiron festivities. But wait... what's this? An error message telling me that I need to use Internet Explorer.... d'oh!

Firefox has some cool features (live bookmarks, etc.) and in a side-by-side test w/ Internet Explorer was able to navigate to and refresh web pages much faster, but until it's more widely compatible in a virtual world of Microsoft plug-ins, it's tough to justify switching over full-time.

posted by Max Power | 4:33 PM
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