Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

So newsworthy, they didn't even report it

At Bush's press conference yesterday, ABC's Terry Moran confronted the president with evidence that Jordan, a US ally, had used American weapons against one of its own citizens. Moran demanded Bush to condemn this action and wondered how it squared with Bush's inaugural pledge to defend human rights and democracy in the world. Bush declined to answer, stating that he knew nothing factual about the story. The problem is that the story to which Moran referred is so obscure and vague--and its source so questionable--that not a single Western media outlet, including Moran's OWN NETWORK, even reported on it. Moran's source? al-frickin'-Jazeera! That didn't stop today's Washington Post from piling on, referring to how Bush was "stumped" at the question. One wonders why it is so surprising that the president would have no response to a story whose origin is so flimsy that these major news outlets knew nothing about it themselves.

From MRC

Lots more at Captain's Quarters, where it is revealed that not everything is as it seems. It would be nice to see questions about Ali Hattar's activities posed to Moran to see if he is also "stumped."

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