Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Local Yokels

I didn't watch the SOTU (was fixing my deck light--priorities, priorities), but I did catch the SOTU report, such as it was, on the local Fox news. I don't watch local newscasts, because they suck, but I caught this tidbit from last night because I had forgotten about the SOTU and was tuning in for The Simpsons. The local political reporter, Jack Conaty, spent all of about three minutes on the SOTU, if only to trumpet the Democrats' view. Conaty's "analysis" consisted of dourly intoning that the Dems didn't like the President's speech. He then cut to brief remarks from two Democratic senators (Dick "Disturbin'" Durbin and Christoper Dodd) [ed--Surprise! They were negative!]. Conaty then fielded questions from co-anchors Mark Suppelsa and Robin Roberts, further informing us that REPUBLICANS also reacted negatively to the SOTU, then telling us that the Bush will have a hard time getting anything done on Social Security, Iraq, or picking out the right birthday gift for his wife. The overall tone was so negative that, had I not read anything else about it the SOTU, I would have assumed that they pulled Bush offstage with one of those big vaudeville hooks.

Yep, that is the true measure of a State Of The Union address: Did they Democrats like it?

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