Magog: Unguarded
Magog: Unguarded
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Friday, February 18, 2005

Unshod Moonbat

A protester hurled a shoe at Richard Perle during his debate with new DNC head Howard Dean last night. That was notable enough, but my favorite was the quote from the Dem's new Yeaaaaagh-man, Dean:

In his new role as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Dean has stressed that Democrats are stronger than Republicans on defense. [ed-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA] "Defense is a lot broader than swaggering around saying you're going to kick Saddam's butt," Dean said Thursday, drawing cheers from the crowd in this city that overwhelmingly voted Democratic last November.

Well, yes, you could actually DO it. Apparently Dean has been in a coma for the past couple of years and missed the invasion, the arrest of Saddam and the subsequent elections in Iraq.

Dean also said the Bush administration has ignored the mounting threat in Iran and North Korea. "We picked the low hanging fruit in Iraq and did nothing" about the other, more dangerous regimes, he said.

Hmmm...the low-hanging fruit? What about the quagmire? The return of Vietnam? These were the warnings coming from the Dems at the onset of the war. Now it's "low-hanging fruit." And is Dean advocating the invasion of Iran and North Korea? Does he have a suggestion? The news report is silent. I look forward the broadcast of the debate on C-Span.

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