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Magog: Unguarded
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Friday, February 11, 2005

"You'll Call Anything, Won't You?"

So, I realize I'm not the greatest poker player. I can live with that, but I still enjoy occassionally playing online, for those free chips they dole out, and I do OK... win some, lose some. It passes the time.

What I find amusing and annoying at the same time is how everyone on there is an expert when it comes to your game, even if they're losing. Everyone's got their stories.

My new favorite example happened this afternoon.

Down cards: Queen of clubs, ten of clubs. Not a bad hand, says me. I'm one before the button.
Pre-flop betting is light... 100/200 table (phony chips), and someone raises 200.
Everyone calls, six in the pot, so it's up to 2400.
Flop: Ace of clubs, seven of clubs, four of hearts. I'm liking my four flush with two to come, and know that I have nine outs, giving me 1.9:1 odds. Meaning, if I'm doing this right, I can bet up to half the pot. I also know I have only one club that can beat me, if another one falls. I'm staying in this.
Someone obviously has an ace, because he bets 2400. Everyone calls, including me, making the pot 16,800.
Turn card: Jack of hearts. Wait a minute, here... now I have the inside straight draw, too. Some counting on fingers (and toes) tells me I still have my nine outs for the flush, plus three more for the other queens... 12 total, with one to come. Hmm... 2.8:1 odds now on hitting one of those. I can still be in for 1/3 of the total pot.
The aces don't like where this is going... the first guy bets 33,600, and the second guy calls. Everyone else folds but me, thinking the 2 others in it gives me my 1/3. And the pot is now up to 117,600. The chips in that pot are still as phony as ever, by the way, but I'm playing it as real-ish. I need the practice.
River card: King of diamonds. Wait a second here, Jim... I've got a nut straight in my hands. Ten, jack, queen, king, ace... yep, all there.
The other guy bets 30,000, and guy #2 calls. Whoa. 176,600 in the pot, and I know I get at least half of it.
I reraise 30,000. The first guy folds (?), the other guy calls(!). I'm definitely thinking split pot now, and wondering what guy #1 had, but I don't really care. The pot is up to 266,600. Bully for me.
Guy #2 mucks... my straight wins the whole thing! Huzzah!

Congratulations come from the early folders, as is typical. The kicker, though, is the response from Guys #1 and #2:

Guy #1: Man, you'll call anything, won't you?
Guy #2: Yeah, enjoy those chips, buddy. They won't last if you play like that.


posted by Max Power | 8:19 PM
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