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Magog: Unguarded
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Sunday, July 17, 2005

LA Times...lazy and sloppy

I'm reading a recounting of the WSOP from the LA Times, headlined on Yahoo and I can't believe how many simple factual errors there are, not to mention the poor poker analysis. When major outlets publish one of these "the poker boom is upon us" (ed.-Yeah, thanks for the flash) articles, can't they at least dig up someone who has the faintest clue about the game? To wit:

The top 560 players finished in the money on a scale that slid from $1,000 or so to a guaranteed $1 million or more for the nine finalists, with the winner taking $7.5 million. The 5,000 losers went home empty-handed, their $10,000 entry fees underwriting the winnings and administrative costs.

No. Places 501-560 paid $12,500. You can find the payout structure on one of a gazillion websites.

Besides the exploding tournament play, the poker boom has generated a host of poker-related websites and magazines. Two poker circuits have become fodder for dueling television series on the Discovery Channel and ESPN. (The latter channel will convert raw footage of this tournament into a weekly program to air in the late summer and fall.)

I think he means the Travel Channel, not Discovery.

Flamboyant players with such monikers as The Mouth and Jesus have emerged as minor television personas.

Chris Ferguson is "flamboyant?"

As the tournament progressed and the stakes rose, the play seemed to slow to a cautious crawl. The last big-name player — Mike "The Mouth" Matusow — was the first of the nine finalists to be eliminated, and rather abruptly. His fellow celebrity professionals, present to provide expert commentary for ESPN, consoled him, describing his play as perfect and the opponent who ousted him as a lucky dimwit.

Completely uncalled for. I was listening the live feed. Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Harman and Phil Hellmuth were on when this hand occurred. Yes, they all agreed that Matusow made the correct play and that his opponent got lucky (it was Steve Dannenmann, who finished 2nd), which he did, but no one came anywhere near calling him a "lucky dimwit." Hellmuth congratulated Matusow for inducing Dannenmann to make a move at the pot with the worst hand, but that was the extent of his comments.

I think we learned who the dimwit is.

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