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Magog: Unguarded
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Monday, August 08, 2005

Confit To Be Tied

The Forbes list of "Best (Worst) Foods" betrays a magazine seriously out of touch with regular folk. Really, duck confit? How many people outside of the Upper West Side have even heard of duck confit? Sure, they throw in some standards like cheeseburgers and lasagna, but queer the deal with the likes of foie gras. Yeah, foie gras is bad for you, but who cares? You may eat it once or twice in your lifetime, if at all. Unless you work at Forbes.

Here's an interesting nugget about their number one choice, Eggs Benedict (yes, Eggs Fargin' Benedict is their NUMBER ONE choice):

Many people are fooled by this dish because it contains eggs. But the fact is, it packs in the fat and cholesterol.

Golly, I never would have guessed that a dish whose main ingredient is eggs has a bit of cholesterol.

As an aside, when Forbes presents something online as a slide show, they may want to consider dialing down the page turnover to something greater than every five seconds.

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