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Magog: Unguarded
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not so staunch

Following the dust-up last week between the Sun-Times' Jennifer Hunter and various blogs, Hunter has now printed a letter from the subject of her original subject, Jim Ronca.

It appears Mr. Ronca is incensed that anyone would question is conservative cred, which is odd since he has loaned his financial support primarily to Democrats for many years. Reading Ronca's letter, it seems that his defense (as it were) rests on the fact that he had a second cousin some thirty-odd years ago who held office as a Republican in Pennsylvania and he claims supports of some other local Republican politicians.

Of course, it's Ronca's business which candidates he financially supports or votes for. No one ever questioned his right in that regard. What Patterico, Power Line, et al questioned is Hunter's characterization of Ronca as a "staunch" Republican in the face of evidence that he is anything but, and her failure as a journalist to question his claim to be so. Further, in the face of that evidence, Hunter failed to question Ronca or correct her original story. Instead, she attacked the people who brought the facts to light.

Comically, Ronca's letter concludes with a vow "to have some investigation done into the source and funding for this blog." Oooooh, scary! I'm uncertain who "this blog" refers to, since the issue was addressed on several blogs (including the two mentioned above). If Ronca is expecting to find Dark Forces at work he's going to be sadly disappointed. The real names of the authors of Patterico and Power Line are readily available and Mr. Ronca will find that neither is funded by shadowy Republican figures.

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